Command: Change Equip

This script allows you to add a “change equip” command using the Command Manager for your actors in battle. This allows you to change equips during battle.

You can specify a cooldown in between equip changing, as well as specify states that will disable equip changing.



Script: download here
Required: Command Manager


Place this script below Command Manager and above main.


Tag actors with the following note-tag to give them the change equip command:

<cmd: change_equip cooldown>

Where the `cooldown` is an integer that indicates how many turns you must
wait before you can change equips again in battle. If it is not specified,
then it is 0.

There are several configuration options. You can set the text to display for this command.

You can specify that an actor will pass the current turn if the actor decides to change equips.

You can specify states that will disable equip changing while the state is applied.

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4 Responses to Command: Change Equip

  1. Kazuki says:

    This is Kazuki Takamura, this script does useful. However I am curious is there a way to use a script call to enable the equip command in battle? One more question, is there any scripts compatible with this script that allows equipping a certain weapon change a character’s class?

    • Tsukihime says:

      To add conditions to your commands, you would need to modify the script. If you look in the script you will find a class called Command_ChangeEquip, which defines a usable? method. You can change this condition to anything you want, such as checking for a switch or a variable in addition to the default conditions. You can then use script calls to operate on the condition as required. Don’t know about your second question.

  2. Gems says:

    I was wondering.
    Is there a way to make it so you can only equip a certain item in battle?
    In my game, the main character can equip Cards that hav different effects on him.
    Later on he can switch them in battle.
    How do I make to where its just the cards that can be reequipped?

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