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I’ve decided to host a wordpress blog on my own, to have more control over how users can interact with the site. In particular, I would like to address the comment box not eating up any sort of formatting like when you’re trying to post up a note-tag that you used but it disappears. I have no control over that at the moment.

Hopefully with full control over the blog, I can customize the blog to behave the way I want it to behave to provide a more user-friendly experience.

The blog will be hosted at

Re-directs will automatically be set up at some point.

UPDATE: There seems to be a lot of performance issues at the moment so redirects have been taken down for now.

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Map Regions


This script allows you to separate your map into separate “map regions”.

Each region can be treated as a separate section of the map, with their own names, music, and battlebacks.

When you move from one region to another, the new region’s name will be
used and the new region’s music will be played.

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Battle Reaction Conditions

This is an update for the Battle Reactions script. It introduces the concept of “Reaction Conditions”, which are conditions that must be met in order for the reaction to occur.

For example, you may require a certain state to be applied, or your HP to be under a certain threshold, or that certain actors are in the party.

The script originally provided a “chance” variable that allowed you to indicate the likelihood that the reaction will occur. This is considered to be deprecated and should not be used.

All conditions should be done using reaction conditions, including random probabilities, because they are much more flexible and allow you to condition your reactions on anything that you can imagine.

See the script usage for more information!

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Formula Effects

This script allows you to execute arbitrary formulas as an effect.

By default, you have a damage formula that allows you to execute scripts within the context of a damage formula object.
You can now move any non-damage-related logic from the damage formula into a formula effect.

Effect formulas are executed within the context of the interpreter, which is more useful since many scripts add convenience methods to the interpreter (rather than the damage formula).

You have access to a number of references such as the user, the target, and the user’s current action among other standard formula variables.

This is a stand-alone script and does not rely on my Effects Manager. As a result, it does not have all of the functionality that the Effects Manager provides.

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Compressed Save Files


This script compresses all save files, resulting in smaller save files.

For backwards compatibility, if a compressed file is not available, it will try to load the uncompressed file.

Note that compression results may vary.

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Item Affixes


This script introduces the concept of “item affixes”. Prefixes and suffixes may be assigned to your equips to provide additional parameter bonuses or features.

For example, you might have a prefix called “Fiery ” that gives a +20 bonus to ATK and adds a fire elemental damage. When your Short Sword has this prefix, its atk power will be higher than regular Short Swords and will deal more damage to targets that are weak against fire.

An item may have at most one prefix and one suffix.

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Placeholder Maps

This script allows you to create “placeholder maps”, which are maps that are meant to be replaced with other maps when you load the map. It uses something called a “replace map formula”, which is just a regular ruby formula.

When you load a map such as transferring from one map to another, the engine first determines whether a different map should be loaded or not.

The intention behind this script is to allow you to easily change a map’s visuals (while keeping all transfer points basically the same) without having to find a way to set up your transfer events to check conditions to determine which map to go.

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